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OKKIO is the solo project of Greek/Czech musician and music producer Michalis Michailidis. Born in Thessaloniki, Okkio showed a knack for music in his early teens and started having music lessons from several acknowledged local musicians.

In 2011 he moved to the Netherlands and completed his Bachelor and Master of Music degrees, the latter in Rotterdam where he is currently based. 


During his decade-long residency in the Netherlands, Okkio developed a distinctive style of music production and performance based on a colourful merge of instruments, analog synths and digital components. His music could be characterised as a mixture of electronic music, post-rock and with elements from dance, tribal, latin and traditional music styles.

His debut EP “Immersion” was released in 2021 and was made in collaboration with visual artist Caio Vita and music producer Mucky among others. In 2022, he released the 3 part EP Metafora which explored a more aggressive, electronic sound.

Besides working on his own project, Okkio also produces and co-writes music with singer Ysa Bermejo. Their second EP “Syntropia” was released in Spring 2022 and featured artists such as  Bocafloja (Sa Rok, Dead Prez, KEXP, NPR) and producer Mucky (Sevdaliza, Black Eyed Peas, Shakira). In 2023 Ysa Bermejo was selected for Popronde and is having concerts all over the Netherlands. In the meantime, this project, is in the process of releasing new music regularly.



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